Serviced offices

A dedicated, flexible, private work environment for your business, without any of the hassles of a traditional lease.

Cliftons Independent Business Centres offer a range of simply stylish offices spaces within a mix of modern and listed listed buildings throughout the UK. Our centres take the serviced office concept to a whole new level with an extreme level of style and service; it’s our absolute passion to provide exceptional office space to our clients. With CIBC you’ll get fully furnished offices with access to break out areas, impressive meeting rooms, everything you would expect from a national office provider without the price tag. 

Our offices are not featureless, cheap solutions they are very well planned and executed new homes for your business and protection for your company’s image from the very first day you move in.

As well a permanent serviced offices which we usually rent on 3, 6 or 12 month contract, we also offer a range of other office services: offices by the day where you can rent one of our offices just for the day or a few days. Additionally we offer Interim offices, ideal for a fixed period i.e. if you have a projects or to test an area for suitability before you sign a full serviced office agreement and finally Contingency offices so you always have a space ready to go in case of a failure at another location. 

If it doesn’t look like we have what your looking for get in touch – we thrive on making bespoke requirements into a reality for our clients.

Welcome to a world of flexibility and growth for your business

Benefits of Serviced office space at a glance

All the benefits of your ideal leased office with none of the hassles, costs or uncertainty. With our offices you get the benefits of having a space you want and love and security in knowing you can expand and contract as you need without penalty. Unlike our competitors if you want to paint the wall Pink, hang fake ivy from the ceilings or create a meditation room; then that is fine by us.

Our offices start from as little as £200 per workstation per month and you can get started within 24 hours. We provide everything within our fixed monthly rate so that’s your leased line internet access, phones, the office space and all its bills and refreshments – the only extra is your phone calls which are charged at some of lowest rates available, plus if you use loads of minutes we have bundles, simple.